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In many respects in modern life we don't get the basic things we know are beneficial for us:- unprocessed freshly prepared food, plenty of movement and physical exercise, fresh air and interacting with nature. This is often the case for both children and adults. Scientists and researchers link these things with many of the Western health problems such as obesity, diabetes, asthma, eczema, behaviour problems etc. But really common sense tells us that we have evolved in an environment where fresh food, movement, fresh air and exercise were the only options and therefore not getting enough of these cannot be good for us.

• Unprocessed freshly prepared food

• Plenty of movement and exercise

• Being in a nurturing caring environment

• Fresh air and interacting with nature

At Alfresco children get an abundance of all these things, spending the majority of their time playing and learning outdoors. Because of this and the caring homely environment we provide here, our children are healthy, happy and confident.


The children's time outside and in the Forest gives them good motor neurone skills, depth perception, risk assessment abilities, strength and a host of life skills like fire lighting and cooking.

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We provide the children with plenty of set activities, but we also give the children time to play as they wish, an important part in a child's development.  The complexity of the projects and the teamwork shown by each child involved in some of the things children here get up to, with absolutely no prompting by us, is often amazing.


There is also plenty of time where children of all different age groups can mingle together, just as they would normally in a family environment.

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