And Forest Pre-School


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The opportunities for the children to become interested and engaged in something are endless and restless children find it easier to focus. Research from Newcastle University and the University of Colorado has shown that children without formal teaching can teach themselves if motivated by curiosity and peer interest. The Forest provides an environment that stimulates curiosity, leading to self-organised learning and self-motivation which leads to an ability to set and achieve goals for themselves, which has been shown to be more beneficial than having goals set for them by others. In addition, the children benefit from the increased physical movement they have in the outdoors which improves their health and their happiness.


The Forest is used by children of all ages, as well as trees there are clearings, mounds, eating areas,  shelters, a tunnel, long and short grass areas and some believe there to be crocodiles. The children do so many different things in the Forest including:

Forest Activities Examples

The children do so many different things in the Forest including:

alfresco forest childcare bishopstone

Fire Lighting

Bug Hunting


Observing Nature


Tree Climbing

Base Building

Hide and Seek


Mud Kitchen



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