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The appreciation of parents is always very warming, so we would like to thank anybody who gives us feedback.

Thanks from us

Alfresco has been a haven for my two children since they were babies.

The outdoor environment has been wonderful. The food and the ethos are

both marvellous.


Our children have learnt so much (and are still learning) and it has

made them the independent, calm, social, and inquisitive little people

that they are.


As they have grown, there have been new opportunities for them to have

fun and develop new skills.


They have the freedom to be creative and imaginative. They work on their

interpersonal skills without the crutch of electronic devices (ahh,

bliss). It's nice to see people actually talking and using eye contact.


Their chess skills are also miraculously honing.


It's a place where risk-taking and judgment decisions are permitted.

There's never bad weather; just wrong clothes. The word "no" is avoided

and learning from peers is encouraged.


Unnecessary intervention in play doesn't occur and children are allowed

to learn without too much  adult interruption and excessive control.


Most importantly they feel safe, genuinely loved and cared for. It's a

place for them to relax after school and to unwind and they see it as

their second home. Some of the staff are an extension of the family



The Casavants


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