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We offer wraparound care for children at Bishopstone School and may be able to offer sessions to chidren from other nearby schools. This means you can drop your children off at Alfresco Childcare before you go to work and we will take your children to school and pick them up again afterwards. You can then pick them up from here at the time that works for you.


Ad hoc sessions can be booked using this form

Wrap Around

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We wish to extend our service to offer a pickup and collection service of children from companies in Swindon and surrounding areas. This service would be offered to companies that have at least three parents who might be interested in using the service. We would have a car or van at your place of work at the beginning of work hours or the beginning of a shift, this would mean you would not have to do an additional trip to get your children to childcare in the morning. We would then ship them back at the end of work hours or the end of the shift. All transport would have trained nursery staff with them. If this might be of interest to your company please let us know.

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